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SOUTHLAND MACHINE& MOLD manufactures aluminum parts, specializing in permanent mold aluminum casting and impact extrusion. For over 35 years, many difficult industrial and commercial aluminum products that require tight tolerance, strength, and high aesthetic value have been produced successfully, utilizing Permanent Mold casting method, at SOUTHLAND. Our mission is to provide a friendly service with an One-stop Source capability to satisfy our customers. SOUTHLAND produces aluminum castings for wide variety of industries at competitive prices. Add our company on your list of suppliers to call for the next parts production needs.

For free estimates & technical assistance available to you, call us at 770-832-3303, Fax: 770-832-6186, or, e-mail to: with your request.

SOUTHLAND uses quality aluminum alloy & materials made in America to produce high performance parts at our foundry. Speedy delivery at competitive pricing might surprise you. Your project and parts are secure in our hands here at home in the USA. Give us a call at 770-832-3303

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Pole brackets
aluminum Electrial parts
Electrical parts
permanent mold casting 2,100 lb. steel mold getting ready for Permanent Mold Aluminum Casting process
  • Permanent Mold Aluminum Casting from few ounces to 50 pounds
  • Casting with close dimensional accuracy, complicated cores & fine surface finish
  • Specializing in 535.2 Almag for strength and anodizing
  • Vibratory finishing with ball cone or ceramic. Polish or matte finish
  • Complete tool room for mold making, conventional, CNC, EDM-carbon & EDM-wire
  • Complete machine facility for secondary operations and casting inspections
  • Impact Extrusion for high volume, high tolerance straight wall aluminum parts
  • Anodizing and heat treatment available
  • Directly reaching the parts design consultation, or a quote: Email

permanent mold aluminum casting

Permanent Mold Aluminum Casting is a precision technique produced by pouring molten aluminum into CNC machined steel molds under gravity, centrifugal force, or low pressure. Due to the rapid heat transfer from the molten aluminum to the mold itself, the castings have finer grain structures and better strength properties than casts made by Sand Casting method. Permanent Mold aluminum casting permits casting designs with thinner walls and less weight. Permanent mold castings are less subject to shrinkage and gas porosity than Sand Castings and do not contain the entrapped gas often found in Die Castings.


permanent mold aluminum castings

Small aluminum castings for low to medium- volume periodic production scenario to meet distribution and budget goals


permanent mold aluminum casting

Medium size parts benefit from Permanent Mold casting method for consistant high-quality results


permanent mold aluminum casting

Larger parts for strength derived from Permanent Mold casting method

servcing industries

ADA handrail components

Architectural ATM face plates

Auto, decorative parts

Cell tower, Communication Computer, frame


Food Service equipment Ground handling equipment

Handrail, safety railing

Hardware Hospital equipment frame

Industrial safety

Lighting Fixture Natural gas valve parts
Newsprinting equipment Playground equipment Powerline brackets

Property survey marker

Recreational equipment brackets Tool handles

Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant safety railing

aluminum impact extrusion
aluminum handrail parts
Photo: some of the good examples of impact extrusion parts are as Internal Handrail System components, made here at SOUTHLAND. High strength and rapid production resulting from Impact Extrusion method are fully utilized.



railing base flange

Impact Extrusion method is suitable for the production of high volume parts of certain designs as it is more economical than Permanent Mold casting method click here! SAL List of pipe fittings & railing parts contact Southland Machine and Mold impact extrusion

casting mold making

Charles Jean, V-P Operations


SOUTHLAND MACHINE & MOLD provides design & engineering service to machining and steel mold production as a contract manufacturer with over 3 decades of excellent customer service beginning in the aircraft parts production. Our One-Stop Production Capability fills many customer needs as one of the most efficient way to communicate and protect proprietary information, prototype production, high volume production of the parts. Permanent Mold casting method produces consistent high-quality castings and controls overall cost. If you want to streamline the process of parts design to high-quality aluminum cast products, we are a proven source.

Difficult designs & close tolerance parts are our specialty. Whether small quantity proprietary parts or high-volume aluminum castings, you can count on our reputation for helping customers with what they need in a timely manner at competitive prices through our generous & innovative teamwork approach to engineering. Off-shore problem? You can try us. It is possible to manufacture reliable, high-quality parts at a cost you can afford.

Call Robert and Charles at 770-832-3303, send your information for a quote via fax at 770-832-6186, or email to: to benefit from more than 60 years of combined experiences to be on your side

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