aluminum parts Made in America

Can’t get your orders from China? Many US companies face order disruptions from unforeseen problems in oversea manufacturing after a lot of investment spent in funds & time. Is it time to consider returning production back to US? Give us a call. We might not be able to beat their parts pricing but we can beat the boat! Our All-Phase plant in Georgia produces high-quality aluminum cast parts at a competitive price when you figure the convenience, speedy processing & assured delivery. Our experienced production team can fully participate in your supply chain. Call us: 770-832-3303, M-F 9am – 4 pm EST


We are a Start-to-Finish aluminum casting company, from in-house mold design, machining, casting to finishing since 1979. Through innovation, development and acquisition of facilities, we have grown & broaden production capabilities over the years. High-volume cast aluminum parts, such as bases, brackets, cases, fittings are produced each day at SOUTHLAND. Architectural castings include commercial lighting & internal handrail system components. Equipment parts are produced for computer, garden, hardware & other specialty industries. Utility segment covers power-line brackets, electrical parts, transportation & other technical aluminum components. Our name might be new to some, but our contract foundry services are quietly producing high-quality aluminum castings for major company brands that set the industry standards for over 40 years

Timely Delivery & Competitive Pricing

Firmly based on our extensive knowledge & experiences in the business; working efficiently in foundry process, secondary machining & finishes in one location, SOUTHLAND can offer the savings in time & phase cost to our high-volume customers. Your unique casting needs can be met quickly by our know-how in mold design, process engineering & production. Our use of high-quality raw materials manufactured in the US & Canada ensure excellent parts production, consistency & predictable delivery. For over four decades, we have never compromised on the quality, a proven record that is the assurance you will have. Our parts come with a 100% guaranteed satisfaction to sustain your business with us

Free Quote? Yes!

Consider us for the aluminum parts fulfillment. Request Parts Design Consultation from the experts in aluminum casting at SOUTHLAND & get a “Free Quote” today.  call: (770) 832-3303. Our aluminum casting proudly carries the label of genuinely “Made in USA”