Here is a chart simplifies the three methods of casting aluminum parts. Each has its own strengths & weaknesses. The part design normally demands one method over the others, though it is possible to use other methods to cast parts. Usually, the reason of choosing one from the other is of cost concerns. It is important to research which method of production brings you the most benefits & great value in a long run for your unique part design:

Method 1. Sand Casting, casting with sand mold
Method 2. Permanent Mold Casting, casting with steel mold
Method 3. Die Casting, casting with metal mold

A chart showing the benefit of permanent mold casting
comparing methods for casting aluminum
Benefits of using  SOUTHLAND Permanent Mold Casting method:
  1. Excellent dimensional reproduction each piece
  2. Fine grain strength from low gravity-fed casting & cooling cycle
  3. Low shrinkage & low porosity
  4. Thinner walls & less weight than sand casting
  5. Anodizable in clear or other colors, as dielectric, protective or cosmetic coating
  6. Cost efficient for high-quality + volume production goal

Permanent Mold Casting has the benefits of  two other methods but at less overall cost. Sand Casting is easier to get started in making new parts because of low cost involved in mold materials. Drawback is that each piece might not be always accurate in measurements and molds has to be made for each part production. Porosity is high so to limit the usages. Die Casting produces beautiful and complex parts. Drawback of it is the initial investment for those mold production to be much higher & its production demands high-volume orders only. SOUTHLAND specializes in Permanent Mold Casting. We are proud to design & cast aluminum parts in CNC-built steel molds in our foundry operation.

We produce low to high-volume high-quality parts, with low waste rate & machining. This translates to cost-efficient manufacturing, and the savings will be passed on to our customers. Many testimonials of large savings are from the way we learn to do business. We never compromise quality, we just have to be smarter in producing parts as efficiently as possible. In our Start-to-Finish operation, we can control cost associated with production from mold making to foundry and the polish & finish.

We are becoming one of the oldest & rarest aluminum foundries in the country. We service clients from consumer goods companies & franchise markets to Fortune 100 & global leaders in various industries. SOUTHLAND parts are performing under many different brand names. Keep us in mind when you look for an aluminum parts producer in your supply chain. We are notorious in improving parts design, by lighten up the parts, increasing strengths, or making modification in  mold designs to get better yields, resulting in better casting at less cost. Contact us. There maybe a time when a virtual part design would need our old-fashioned know-how to be its very best to perform in production

Reverse Engineering parts:

In some cases, you would need to reverse engineer parts. We normally serve clients with CAD drawings to make prototypes then into mass-production. But we can also reverse engineer old parts & improve their designs for today’s market needs. We are capable of recreating parts you would desire, but due to advanced technology avail us to approach parts manufacturing more cost efficiently, you will be provided better mold designs & production castings. Your reverse engineered parts might not be exactly like used to be, they are actually better. Higher quality replacement parts that will more than satisfy your expectations. Give us a call for consultation